Famia Westera lo crusa lama Atlantico pa di 3 biaha rumbo Las Palmas

by Seever Krozendijk

Despues di 30 anja, Peter Westera y su famia lo crusa lama atlantico pa di 3 biaha. Peter Westera tin 83 anja di edad y ta welo di e conocido regatista elite di Aruba, Ethan Westera.

For di Amanda Westera nos a haya e siguiente informacion.

After 30 years my father in law , Ethan ‘s Grandfather is crossing for the 3rd time the Atlantic . He is 83 years old …

Aruba Watersport Center has been a Dutch family owned and operated business of watersports since 1987. Now, the Westera’s family has taken the business to the next level by embarking on a transatlantic sailing trip from Aruba to the Las Palmas in their Akka Spronk Catamaram. This is a great example of the Westera family’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible and inspiring others to dream big and take the plunge into their own adventures. The journey will take approximately 3 weeks and is sure to be filled with excitement and an unforgettable experience that will last a lifetime.

Sailing crew:

Peter Westera

Appie Westera

Rob Grijpma and

Amanda Westera .

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