Aruba’s Hi-Winds champ U-21, Tame Mondria is representing Aruba in the PWA World Cup

by Jessica Krozendijk

This event will take place in windsurf paradise Alaçati in Turkey. Starting October 4, there will be five long exciting days of competition amongst the top of the world in Youth and Junior categories. Tame, who just turned 18 will participate as youngest in his category in the World Cup Youth category (U-21) for the 2nd time. Last year he reached a shared 15th place as the youngest in his category, and this year he is aiming for the top 10. Since age 11 Tame’s passion for slalom racing started. After winning the Hi-Winds as a 12 year old boy, he knew that he wanted compete for the top of the world. In 2019 he joined his first international tournament, the IFCA European Championship, and ended in 5th place. Ever since he puts in all his energy and enthusiasm into his sport. Together with one of his parents he travels the world to chase his dream. This week amongst competitors from France, Greece, Turkey, Seychellen, Poland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Great Britain, his “surf buddies” from Bonaire are also there with 8 athletes. All together they want to leave a big Dutch Caribbean footprint in Turkey! The PWA World Cup Youth and Junior can be followed on 

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