Bandera riba awa

by Jessica Krozendijk

The Aruban Sailing Federation is very pleased to announce the success of the first “Bandera riba awa,” .
Sunday March 17th, where windsurfing, kite and sunfish sailing gave children from the local community the opportunity to enjoy their first free introduction with these watersports at the Fishermen’s Huts: the location for sailing enthusiasts on our island.

Sailing enthusiasts of all ages participated and obtained information about the various sailing sports possible on our beautiful island. The WRCA, the Arubian jr kite foundation, and the sunfish club were present to showcase their sports but also information was available from clubs not present that day. Basic skills of sailing were taught by instructors in shallow water and as the inscription list was full in 2 days, the Federation will organize more introduction days.

After a delicious fundraising BBQ, the afternoon was filled with the Bandera riba Awa competition in the disciplines of windsurfing, kitesurfing, and the sunfish category. Spectators and/or enthusiasts were able to enjoy this beautiful afternoon at Fishermen’s Huts this weekend where different categories were doing their best and got the awards of the first Bandera riba awa competition.

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